NEW Red Caddy = Recycled Hemp + Organic Cotton

NEW Red Caddy = Recycled Hemp + Organic Cotton

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The Caddy (think Cadillac) is the original MATR cushion, and is our 'go to' for all of our sitting or laying-on-the-floor needs. Whether sitting cross-legged, hanging out in an almost squatting position (bum on the bolster, feet on the mat), or lounging laying down, The Caddy is there for you. 

This Caddy boasts Organic filling!

MATR's patented contour supports a forward tilt of the pelvis when sitting on the bolster, allowing the entire spine to align and relax, minimizing physical distraction while you sit.  This cushion extends into a padded mat in front to protect the feet, ankles, knees, or back from hard or rough ground surfaces. 

Weighing in around 8 lbs., this 100% Non-roasted Organic Buckwheat Hull filled cushion is the perfect prop for meditation, gettin' crafty, or relaxing at home, in a classroom, or out in mother nature*. 

Sit Long. Sit Comfy. Enjoy What MATRs.

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