Posted by Lauren Stephanoff on 16th Nov 2018


It's been awhile since inspiration’s hit to write, but something's been bubbling up, so here it is: 

Sometimes, I forget how much I love - and depend on - our creations.

Sure, our "Story" talks about how it all began with the winter solstice 2012 road trip to Joshua Tree and the zafu gift that was the unsuspecting spark of everything MATR now is. It doesn't, however, convey how much our cushions and accessories enhance our own lives. 

For example, once a month, we three (Jeff, our daughter Delia, and I) go to a monthly family gathering. Parents get to meditate, practice loving kindness, and connect, while the kiddos play in an adjoining room. On the parents' side, there are kapok-filled, round zafus available to sit on. I, of course, usually bring my own MATR Traveler cushion. This last time though, my hands were full and I thought, "I'll just use one of theirs; it'll be fine!" I was wrong, and I ended up laying down instead of sitting so I wouldn't be so distracted by the constant realignment I was having to do (slouch...sit up straight...slouch...sit up straight) and my leg falling asleep.

What it also did, though, was remind me of how much I value our designs. Every time I remember to bring my cushion, whether to a picnic, event, or class where I'll be floor sitting, I am always grateful that my cushion is there for me. 

Recently, we sent off one of our new Rakusu car seat lumbar supports to my aunt who also has a car that lacks lumbar support. She reported back that, because of her new Rakusu, she had no back pain during her drive for the first time. This was wonderful to hear!! Also, it made me think about the fact that I don't think about how uncomfortable my car seat was. It's truly a thing of the past. 

About our new Buddy Bags, I simply love that I no longer search all over the place for my bluetooth earbud - it is always safely zipped inside my Buddy Bag, clipped to my purse. It also comes in handy when I need to take a supplement at a time when I'm not at home - the capsules go into my Buddy Bag and I know right where to find them. I don't know about you, but searching for things is not high on my list of favorite things to do! So, I guess I can say with confidence that my little Buddy has decreased my stress levels, saved me precious time, and helped me keep track of some of the little things. Huh, who would've thought?

I wonder, at times, about the value of our offerings to others. Are they valid? Will they enhance other people's lives the way they do ours? Then I have an experience or get a message or have a conversation with someone about how happy they are with something we created, about how our offerings made their lives, in some small ways, better.

So, sometimes, I may forget. Other times, I’m reminded.

May you be Safe. May you be Healthy. May you be Free from suffering. May you experience Peace and Happiness.

Lauren Stephanoff, MATR cushions & accessories co-creator