"You nailed it." 

- Hannah Muse, yoga & meditation teacher, activist, and mother, after trying our Caddy cushion for the first time. 

I have loved MATR cushions from the first moment I sat on one  four years ago. What’s not to love? I spend a lot of time sitting,  especially while teaching, and the superior design supports great posture, which is something that can be a real challenge for me. I always sit better on a MATR cushion. When you add in that these are ethically and sustainable made, and it’s a family business, I really couldn’t ask for anything more. I have never encountered a better cushion, that’s why I bring extras wherever I go and have everyone try them. They’re always a hit.

Lizzie Rose,  Energy Healer & Coach

"My Rakusu [car seat lumbar support] arrived on Saturday and I drove with it yesterday. For the first time since I have been driving my little car, my back did not hurt while I was driving. I love that it is easily adjustable for your lumbar! Thank you so much for my pain relief Lauren Stephanoff and Jeff Stephanoff!"

-Lou Ann, Accounting Manager

"Dear Lauren and Jeff,

The cushion arrived on Saturday and it is a work of art. I just love it. The cover is beautiful and a big plus to me as I am a bit of a neat freak and I like that I can wash it. I think the cushion needs to soften up a bit before I try it in the car but I did try it at home and I love how it helps me sit up straight and aligns the spine. It is amazing how well it works. I tend to slump forward when I sit and it felt so good to keep a proper posture and open up the spine. It is an ingenious design. I tried it as a pillow and promptly fell asleep. My husband wanted to see how he liked it as he does like to meditate and he thought it was great. My daughter came over for Mother's Day and tried it out for quite awhile and wanted to take it home. So you have 3 huge fans here. Thank you so much!"

- Clair, winner of our 'Mamas MATR' Traveler giveaway, 2018

"I love my matr! I use it all the time to play with the boys!! Using it now as we play race cars."

- Melissa, Mother & Attorney

“These cushions were the perfect choice of seat! They provided me with great support so that I could be in the present, not trying to get comfortable on my pillow. Thanks, Matr!”

- Kendra, Mother/Baby Blessing Participant & Mother

"Just tried out my friend Lauren Stephanoff's MATR cushions & accessories... trust me when I say YOU WANT THIS!! Especially if you're into #yoga and/or #chiropractic ✨"

Tatum Cohen, CEO & Radical Self Love Coach at Uniquely Tatum

“Looove it.  It’s my new best friend.  Thx.”

- Richard, Cafe & Yoga Studio Owner / Yoga & Meditation Instructor

"Thank you Jeff Stephanoff and Lauren Nazari Stephanoff for my Cadillac; I Love it! Tell your Father I said thanks too for his impeccable craftsmanship!!"

- Paula, Pilates Instructor & Mother

"I am very excited about the [MATR, formerly known as] Meditime Cushions! The thought and care that went into their design is impeccable. Jeff and Lauren are always looking for new ideas for the cushion to evolve which speaks volumes about the care they put into their product.  As a chiropractor, posture is of utmost importance for me, my family, and my clients. I strive to educate people as to the importance of protecting the spine because after all, it is protecting the most life sustaining organ of the body: the nervous system. The [MATR] cushions work beautifully to support the natural, healthy posture of the spine. The cushions provide a slight anterior pelvic tilt which allows the spinal column to stack rather effortlessly on itself. For people looking for a supportive meditation cushion or to improve flexibility or posture, I highly recommend the [MATR] Cushion!"

- Dr. Angela Lopez, Chiropractor & Mother