Terms & Conditions

This MATR's Unique

Have we mentioned our cushions are individually handmade? While we do our best to keep our products consistent, due to our non-robot natures, there may be some minor unique qualities. The patterns will often vary from what is pictured, depending on the cut of the fabric. We hope that if you do find anything wrong with your product, you'll contact us or send it right on back so we can happily fix the problem.

Patented Design

Our unique, curved design is patented! Here's the number: US Patent # D755.542 S

Fabric Availability

We are very finicky about fabric, and we spend a good deal of time searching for the most appealing patterns and colors in materials that are durable, natural, kind, and have enough stretch to accomodate your particular backside. There are times when our sources may not have certain desired fabrics available at the time or anymore, so we strive to keep our site up-to-date - what you see listed is what we've got!

Something Special 

We do our best to offer various sizes, and what we have in stock is what is shown on the site. However, please feel free to contact us about custom orders. We'd love to work with you to get you what you need!

Feeling Flat?

After awhile, you may notice that your cushion has lost a little of it's perk. We fill them with as much organic buckwheat hull filling as we can get in, but it is natural for it to settle and the cotton fabric to relax. If you'd like more filling, you can find a local supplier of buckwheat hulls, or contact us and we'll supply extra by the pound for a low cost.


Note that your cushion should feel full when you receive it, and will settle in time. If your cushion feels uncomfortably full, on the other hand, you can carefully open up the zipper on the underside and manually take out some of the stuffing. The hulls are unruly, so we recommend performing the procedure in a good sized box or other container, and away from any sources of blowing air.

New Outfit

How about a new outfit for your cushion? Let us know and we'll make a cover for you (cost depends on fabric and size). If you have a particular fabric/pattern (preferably medium/heavy weight cotton or cotton "duck"), let us know and we'll work with you!

Keeping it Clean

If you're like us, you'll take your MATR everywhere - hiking in the mountains, meditation & yoga classes, sitting on beachside cliffs, fireside in the dusty desert... We often even use them for eating at our coffee table.

Washing your cushion cover can be cumbersome, so we recommend spot cleaning as needed. 

If your cushion really needs a wash, and you have purchased an extra cushion cover, you can simply unzip the zipper, take out the insert, and wash the cover (cold water with like colors, hang dry).

For the Traveler & Caddy (without an extra cover), empty the buckwheat hulls into a large container, wash your cover, then scoop the hulls back in. Beware, this procedure can create a hull-flurry, so be sure to keep all fans off and close the windows to any howling winds! Consider placing all into a large box or container to catch the hulls.

Wash the cover in Cold Water with Like Colors. Hang dry.

Spot clean as needed.


Keeping it Green  

Did you know that we're a California Green Certified Business? One of our biggest commitments is to our Mother Earth. A couple ways we strive to minimize the size of our footprint is by minimizing packaging and only sending a paper receipt by request. When we do print, we use sustainable or recycled materials. Our vehicle is fuel efficient. We've chosen to offset our carbon footprint whenever we ship with UPS, and the moment a greener way to ship our goods becomes available, we'll be the first to offer it! 

We also aim to obtain our materials from the closest possible sources, use almost all cotton (organic when available) and some blends for the cushion covers (when durability is needed), recycled or upcycled materials, and Organic non-roasted buckwheat hulls for the filling. 

Our work space has been cleared by the Green Business program of California, which means that we employ the highest of green recommendations concerning energy use, emissions, and waste.

If you have any recommendations or ideas, we're always looking for ways to be more gentle, respectful, and loving toward the place we all call home.