In the Middle of the Night

I check the clock as I gently nudge my daugter's sleep-sweaty head off of my arm and sneak away into the quiet solitude of the night. It's now my time. The few, precious hours after she falls asleep and before I absolutely must do the same lest I borrow too much time from my morning self. The me of the morning is always muttering about nocturnal me; the latter pretends not to care. 

Neither, however, can deny the progress. The boxes checked while my family sleeps are each little victories won over that part of me that really just wants to Netflix it up after a full day. 

I do aim to strike a balance between my selves. Productivity for an hour or two, then I can go on and not carrot all for another stretch, then it's off to sleep. Nocturnal, Productive, Veggie, & Morning, one {mostly} happy & balanced self.

In the past month or so, Productive Me has been, well, just that. First, we got all our business affairs back in order, then, moved on to the fun stuff. Our website, though fairly bare for the moment, is functional & mostly up to date (including some pretty pictures from our summer trailer trip, YAY!). We've found some new colors and patterns for our cushions' fabric, which are currently being tested, and, if all goes well, will be updated on the website soon. I've finally tracked down and have on order a new line of Organic Cotton fabric to make eco-MATR-magic out of. Our source for Organic Buckwheat Hull filling is secured, though I do wish there was something a bit closer than the east coast. If you have any leads, please share?! Plus, we are set up with UPS now, and have chosen to offset our carbon footprint every time we ship. Pretty cool that they offer the option. 

Ahhh, I am feeling pretty accomplished at the moment :)

On another night, in my peaceful time, I also take some moments to connect with the world around me. The struggles and challenges so many are facing - with the effects of the hurricane in the South and otherwise - are on my mind and heart. Sending affirmations/prayers/thoughts of peace, safety, and health for all...and Calling on Angels to be all around, as in the faces of those neighbors, rescue workers, and volunteers' images I have seen during my precious borrowed time...

Love to all,



MATR cushions & accessories


Jeff Stephanoff