Organic Plum Traveler

Organic Plum Traveler

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We think of the MATR Traveler as Caddy Junior - the original minus the extended padded front. This Traveler boasts both Organic Cotton fabric & filling! Try it sitting cross-legged, burmese, half or full-lotus, semi-squatting (bum on the bolster, feet on the ground), or lounging reclined. 

Sit further back to fully engage our patented Curve, supporting a forward tilt of your hips.  Sit more forward to find just the right amount of lift with a little less tilt.  With time, the 100% Non-Roasted Organic Buckwheat Hull filling will conform to your unique style!

Weighs in at around 5 lbs. and fits super easily into a backpack so you can take it anywhere...or just keep it in your living room for a unique seat.  The Traveler has quite a knack for turning any space-challenged room into a great social gathering spot.

Sit Long. Sit Comfy. Enjoy What MATRs.

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